8 Ways Clutter and Disorganization Cause Stress

messy4We all know that living with piles of chaos, jumbled drawers, and exploding closets is annoying and frustrating.   But can it actually cause stress? Like  physical, chronic stress with the accompanying health problems?Absolutely it can.  Below is a list of common situations arising from disorganization, all of which result in feelings of inadequacy, shame, guilt, and stress.  How many can you identify with?1. You incur a late fee, or get a service suspended, or get a credit card declined because you paid the bill late, even though you had the money to pay it.2. You buy a tape measure, or more Sharpies, or a jar of honey, because even though you are sure you already have these items at home, you know you won't be able to find them.3. Two weeks later, you find 2 other tape measures in the garage, 4 dried-out Sharpies in your kitchen junk drawer, and a sticky jar of honey next to cat food, and you kick yourself for buying these things previously.4. Your middle child has no more clean underwear, and since you know you won't have time to gather up all her dirty clothes and do the laundry tonight, you run out during your lunch hour at work and buy her more underwear.5. Something stinks in your refrigerator and, while removing some items to see if it is coming from the back, you spill a half can of soda someone put in there all over the produce, and just close the fridge door, and hope the smell goes away.6. The cat litter hasn't been changed in two weeks and you can smell it when you come in the door.  Since you forgot to buy litter, you just spray some air freshener before your family gets home.7.  The presents you got for your birthday have been in a pile on top of your bureau for 3 months, and now it is too cold to wear the pretty blouse you got.8. You have a cleaning service, and before the come, you move all the piles on the floors onto the furniture so they can clean.  After they clean, you move all the piles back to the floor so you can use the furniture.If you had the time or ability to get organized on your own, you would have done it already.   There's no shame in hiring a professional to help you get your house in order.