Sex and Clutter: Podcast with relationship expert John Gray

A great podcast, Clutter Breakthrough, recently featured a very enlightening interview with John Gray, relationship counselor and bestselling author of Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus.  He talks about the detrimental effect that clutter in the house and especially the bedroom can have on our intimate relationships.    One partner might perceive the other partner's clutter and failure to pick it up as a sign of not caring.  Or, if the clutter comes from both partners, a state of detente is entered in which neither one will budge and the clutter keeps growing.  In either case, rooms in the house which are supposed to be for relaxation, fun, and intimacy, such as the living room or bedroom, are now battlegrounds and a source of stress.If the partner who is responsible for the clutter is overwhelmed and unable to deal with it, it is important to communicate this so that the other partner can empathize.  You can listen to the whole podcast for free here.