Winner of My Peaceful Kitchen Contest Selected!

We had 9 entries for our 1st-ever My Peaceful Kitchen contest!    Local families submitted pictures of their cluttered kitchens and shared what life challenges they have experienced in the last 3 years, such as downsizing, illness, caregiving, moving, etc.   The winner gets a complete decluttering and organizational makeover of their kitchen (worth over $1000!) and is featured in a new web video series called My Peaceful Home, which features local families getting organized homes with the help of professional organizers. We are pleased to announce that our winner is Louisa from the mid-Cape area.  Louisa has experienced a number of life's curve balls recently, including a major home remodel, caregiving for her elderly father, and the death of her mother, in addition to daily challenges such as being the mother of elementary-aged twins. She has shared that she has struggled with organization for many years, but that the recent events in her life have caused the level of disorganization to rise sharply. "Team Peace" is happy to help Louisa get a Peaceful Kitchen soon! 

Kitchen Junk Drawer Overhaul

Peaceful Place recently tackled one of the most common organizational pitfalls:  the kitchen junk drawer.   Since the kitchen is the most-used room in the house, any stray object finds its way into this spot.   The ideal purpose purpose of this drawer is to hold the following types of things:

  1. Office supplies: Pens, pencils, pads of paper, Post-its, tape - if you don't have an office area in your kitchen
  2. Household tools - scissors, tape measure, super glue, small screwdrivers
  3. Pet medicine & supplies
  4. Rubber bands, bag clips, hair elastics
  5.  Spare change
  6. First aid - bandaids & ointment
  7. Keys
  8. Chargers
  9.  Sunscreen & lip balm
  10.  Coupons & gift cards

The trouble comes when people have outdated chargers & keys, and too many of all the above objects.   We used containers from the Dollar Store with rubber bottoms to prevent sliding - also, the drawer has a grip liner, always a good idea.     An idea for what to do with assorted screws and parts which might go to something, but you're not sure what:  Put them in a box with a label to go through it 6 months from now.  If you haven't needed it in that time, it's okay to part with it.