3 Reasons to Hire Professional Organizers to do the Packing for Your Move

Having an anxiety attack just thinking about packing your stuff up for a move?  Packing items prior to a move is one of the top stressors for people moving.    There are 3 ways to handle packing: 1 - Do it yourself, and/or recruit friends to help. 2 - Have the moving company do it. 3- Hire professional organizers to do it.    Hiring professional organizers to pack for your move saves time, aggravation, and money.1.  Moving companies don't really want to pack your stuff.   Movers make money on moving and trucking boxes and furniture.  Packing is time-consuming and just not their preferred service offering.   Most movers charge by the box for packing services, not by the hour.  This means they are more likely to rush when packing, which means that fragile items are more likely to break, the contents of boxes aren't sorted, and the boxes are not accurately labeled.2.  Organizers will take the time to help you declutter before you pack.    Why pack and then unpack a bunch of stuff you don't need?  It only adds time and expense to the move if you don't declutter ahead of time.   Organizers will sort your items and then help you decide what to pack and what to donate or toss.   In addition, they will take your items for donation and arrange for trash to be removed. 3.  Organizers are paid by the hour and will carefully pack your belongings.  They will also take the time to accurately label all the contents of each box and enter it into an inventory sheet so that you can easily find what you need when unpacking.On the other end of your move, you will thank yourself for hiring pro organizers to do the pack.  Click here to read more about our move management services.