To Switch or Not to Switch - 7 reasons to switch out your clothing seasonally (and 7 reasons not to)

Switching out your clothes can double your closet space and takes 4 hours per yearThe #1 way to save space in a clothing closet or dresser is to switch out clothing seasonally. Do you switch out your wardrobe seasonally? That is, do you put your off-season clothing in storage twice or more often per year? Here are some reasons why some people switch and some don’t. See if switching out is right for you:7 Reasons to Switch1. You live in a seasonally variable climate (think: Cape Cod and New England) and have 4 different seasons of clothing, accessories, and outerwear, taking up too much space in your closets and dressers.2. You don’t have a closet and/or dresser big enough to hold everything so that it is easy to find - they are jam-packed with all seasons of clothing.  Switching out doubles your clothes storage space!3. Switching out nudges you to purge unused items from your wardrobe on a regular basis4. Switching out results in fewer items in your closet and wardrobe, which makes it easier to find items and put them back, and easier to assemble an outfit.5. Switching out makes it easy to inventory and try on what you have at the beginning of the season when you switch, and then make a list of what new pieces you may need to get, so that you don’t keep buying duplicates of pieces that you may already have.6. You only need half the number of hangers.7. With fewer clothes to crowd your closet rods, there is more "swing room" and you will love the ease of finding what you want and putting it back.7 Reasons Not to Switch1. You live in an area with little variation in climate during the year, therefore, you only have one or two similar seasons of clothing in your wardrobe (think: San Diego)2. You have a small wardrobe and/or a large closet and dresser and your clothing isn’t crowded3. You don’t want to take the time to switch4. You have no place to store the off-season clothing5. You are concerned that your clothing will get damaged in storage, by humidity or insects6. You are concerned that when you travel to different climates, you won’t be able to find the clothing you need in order to pack7. The thought of not having immediate access to all your clothing causes you anxiety.Seasonal Wardrobe Switchout FAQHow often and when should I switch?We recommend twice per year, in the spring and fall.  For Cape Cod and Southeast MA, you can switch to spring and summer clothing in mid-April through mid-May and to fall/winter clothing in mid-September through mid-October.How long does it take to switch?Once your entire wardrobe has been decluttered, it takes about 2 hours for each seasonal switch, or about 4 hours per year.How should I store my off-season clothing?We recommend using airtight plastic bags or storage bins, with both dessicants and natural insect repellants, to keep clothing in good condition. Another option for more formal clothing which needs to hang is a garment rack with the clothing in garment bags.Should I switch out outer wear and accessories?Absolutely. The less you have in your closet, the easier it is to find what you have in your closet. Seasonal shoes, handbags, scarves, hats, etc. can all be packed away.How can I make it easy to find the clothes I need for my vacations?There are a couple of options: You can designate an entire bin for vacation clothing, if you tend to bring the same kinds of things every year. You can even pack your suitcase at the same time you are doing your switchout, if you don’t need it for other trips, as long as it is placed away from potential flood areas in a basement.Our seasonal clothing switchout servicePeaceful Place offers a seasonal wardrobe switchout service which makes it super easy to have an uncrowded closet and drawers. We will:

  • Help you declutter your wardrobe for all seasons
  • Help you decide which clothing to pack away
  • Purchase storage bins
  • Pack the off-season clothing with dessicants and natural insect repellants (no mothballs)
  • Label the bins with the contents
  • Designate and organize an area of your house where your off-season clothing is stored safely
  • Take away any clothing to be donated and send you the donation receipt for your taxes

If you would like some help switching our your wardrobe, contact us for a free 15 minute consultation.