Peaceful Place uses a 4-step approach to creating organized and peaceful spaces for our clients. 

1. A free 15-minute phone conversation to assess your needs and see if you are ready for a professional organizer. If so, we progress to step 2.

2. A 1-hour consultation in your home which includes:  assessment of you and your family's organizational problems and needs.   This is $100 and there is no obligation to purchase further services.

3. Peaceful Place then provides you with an action plan and quote for our services to help you execute this plan.  You may choose any or all of this plan for any part or all of your house. 

4. Let's get organized!  We will work alongside you or independently to achieve your organizational goals.    Your project is broken down into steps and calendered.  

An orderly and functional use of space.

An orderly and functional use of space.