We have two pricing options:  pay as you go or package pricing.  


$100 - 60 Minutes

First, we look at the rooms in your house you would like to organize.   For our assessment we will ask questions about you and your family's lifestyle and which areas of organization you would like help with.    Then, we will make recommendations during the session, with an estimation for hours required to get it done.   You are under no obligation to purchase further services beyond the $100 consultation fee, which will be credited toward your first session.  Interested in an in-home consultation?  Call or text Julie at 508-246-7866


A team of two organizers for 3 hours is $390. You can save money with prepaid packages. 

Extra charges for: materials, travel, and taking away donations, trash, or shredding. 


How much of your time does it take to get an area organized? The process for getting an area of your home or office professionally organized by Peaceful Place flows like this:

1.    Assessment:  We ask what your goals are for the room, and how you will use the items in it.   You:  15 minutes.   
2.    Sorting:  Our team takes every item from of every part of the area and sorts it into categories to make the next step easier.   You: No time.  We do the work!  
3.    Editing:  We go through each item with you and you determine the destination for each one:  keep, give away, or discard.  You:  1-2  hours.   
4.    Re-Homing:  We consult with you on our system for organizing the kept items.  When you approve,  we put all the items back in place, so that they are visible, accessible, and easy to put back.   You:  15 minutes. So for a 6-hour session, for example, we only need you to work with us for 1 - 2 hours on average.