6 Reasons Why your Clothes Closet and Drawers are a Nightmare

6 Reasons Why your Clothes Closet and Drawers are a Nightmare

An overcrowded closet before organization.

Many of our clients call us in sheer desperation over their closets.

  • They can’t find the clothes they want and can’t put them back easily
  • Some clothes are wrinkled in piles
  • Their laundry routine never syncs up with what they need to put together an outfit
  • Their closet and drawers are a jumble of sizes, styles, colors, and seasons
  • They hate how their closets looks, hate getting dressed in the morning, and hate starting off their day with such negative energy.

How do otherwise sane and rational people get to point of considering setting fire to their own closet?

In our experience, it isn’t because they are disorganized or lazy. It’s because they are busy with work, kids, or and/or caregiving and over the years, the closet chaos gradually took over.

And now they are stuck in overwhelm and simply don’t know where to start.

One section of the above closet, after organization. All dresses, arranged by season and color, on matching hangers.

The top 6 reasons why people find themselves in closet chaos are:

  1. Keeping clothes for all seasons in the closet instead of switching out clothes seasonally.
  2. Overbuying – since they can’t find a certain white blouse, they buy another, and then another. Or buying multiple colors of many items. Or buying items without trying them on and not returning the ones that don’t work.
  3. Keeping sizes which no longer work.
  4. Keeping rarely worn items “just in case.”
  5. Organizing solutions that make it difficult to put things away, such as putting shoes in individual plastic containers with lids. Things don’t get put away, and a mess ensues.
  6. 6. Doing small loads of laundry too frequently, which results in a perpetual limbo of clothes not in their proper place.

If a wardrobe hasn’t been decluttered and organized, to do a thorough job takes at least 6 – 8 hours for most people who have an average amount of clothes. Professional organizers working as a team of 2, take 4 to 6 hours to declutter and organize a closet and drawers for large amount of clothes.

Many people simply don’t have an uninterrrupted chunk of 6 – 8 hours to organize their wardrobe. In addition, it takes time to buy the necessary supplies (the correct hangers and drawer organizers, etc.) and also, to take the donations to charity.

But the biggest challenge is the decision-making and emotions behind it. As people hold an item of clothing, memories of when it was bought and worn come back, clouding judgement and slowing down the process.

This is why a professional organizer is so helpful – we work with clients to establish guidelines for keeping or donating items, and help keep the process moving along.

So don’t feel bad if your wardrobe is disorganized, it happens to most people at some point in their lives.

Wouldn’t it be great to love your closet? 

Professional help is a gift to your future self.

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