Office Organization

Organizing small offices- whether they are based in your home or not - involves a wide skill set.  We can do everything listed below to help small business owners or home-based employees get organized and work more efficiently: 

  • Decluttering unused items, including files & paper

  • Arranging for high-volume shredding

  • Purchasing products & assembling furniture

  • Reorganizing file system

  • Setting up cloud file storage

  • Setting up a paper/filing flow system

  • Setting up digital / mobile workflow systems

neat files.jpg

All office organization services start with us getting a thorough understanding of your business and processes. During this, we will identify the pain points that are creating inefficiencies and/or paper clutter. We love cloud & mobile apps and how affordable they are for small businesses! Let us help you save time and money, and work in a peacefully organized space.

Case study: A local realtor began running a family business in addition to his real estate company. The paperwork for both companies filled his office and he was forced to work in his conference room and was in effect just using his office for storage. Peaceful Place Organizers went through all the paperwork with him then purged some, shredded some, and completely reorganized all the papers into a new filing system with new naming conventions. We ordered and assembled matching attractive file cabinets and a new workstation for an assistant, as well as a hanger for storing architectural plans. The client was left with an uncluttered conference room and office, and the ability to find any document in 30 seconds or less. In addition, we devised a paperwork management system for him which is easy to maintain.