One of the best things I could have ever decided to do!! Gave me such a free feeling once completed. Julie and her team were understanding - non judgemental and so professional! This is the best gift anyone could give themselves- what are we always saying we want? More time - well the kitchen was on my "to-Do" list for so long - once Julie came in .. I actually got more time in my life because it was completed and I stopped thinking about how I was going to get it done. They are just the best!!! 
Susie H.

Julie at Peaceful Place helped me organize my kitchen. What we were able to accomplished really had a positive effect on my outlook towards my home. I was way more motivated on Sunday to finish up some things that have been on my list and most importantly, I feel like I can really use my kitchen now! I enjoyed a glorious cup of tea and felt like I had more space mentally and physically. 
Melissa P.

Julie was a lifesaver and breath of fresh air coming in to help with organizing after moving. She has a great personality, creative storage solutions and most of all compassionate! Thank you Julie!
Jessica B.

I have a lot of wonderful things to say about Peaceful Place Professional Home Organizers! I have been looking for assistance in getting my entire house organized and lo and behold, because I have known the owner for many years, and she was looking for new clients, I was lucky enough to get an appointment very quickly. I've had two sessions thus far and I cannot say enough good things about the results. My second session was when the bulk of the 'purging' was completed. I'm so happy to have this done to free up time for other things that need to be done in my busy life. I will definitely be hiring her for more sessions! May sound strange but I feel like a new person! I know where everything is and everything I need is accessible - I don't have as much patience as she does and I can get overwhelmed easily. Now because the clutter is gone on the outside, the insides feel so 'peaceful'!! Seriously! Very efficient and professional and eases you into the task of decluttering in a way that you don't feel at all like you're losing anything that you've held onto for years for whatever reason ... she helps you to 'let go' of things with her gentle nature that may need to be donated, or just thrown out. No judgment, just suggestions and advice and very hands on. She 'gets it'!! If you want an organized house, office or whatever? She's your man. Thank you Peaceful Place Professional Home Organizers! 
Jennifer W.

Julie showed up with a positive attitude ready to work. She helped move me through my stuck places around culling and organizing, offered wonderful options to my storage needs, and I'm very pleased with the results. Thanks to Julie, I think "zones" and it has turned around our disorganization!
Rosanne C.

Our two-car garage needed an overhaul in every way. As a birthday present to myself, I hired Julie of Peaceful Place Home. (Julie had recently done my friend's whole house!) She scoped out the situation quickly, supplied and built shelves, and hung up bicycles, fishing poles, garden tool racks, etc. Plus she hauled away tons of stuff, including furniture and trash. What a wonderful thing! Our garage is now totally manageable and organized. Love Julie! Love her services! 
Lees Y.

AS SOON as you book an appointment with Julie and her crew you'll feel better. And once they help you finish each task, you'll notice a new amazing calmness. This works. Julie gets you to work hard, and she congratulates you when you're done!
Jill T.

 Had a fabulous experience today with Julie from Peaceful Place Organizers. Julie helped us organize our entire place, decluttered our kitchen, helped us decide what to keep or toss, etc. She was a life saver when we needed organizing help. We sure are grateful for their services!
P. P.

Julie was a pro. She worked fast and knew how to talk to me about my clutter. It is a huge relief to declutter. Thank you Julie!
Linda E.

The number one testament to the value of The Peaceful Place team is that 2 weeks after helping me evaluate, eliminate and organize my kitchen, it has remained clean and organized every day. It's easy to clean and maintain the organization. I felt that Julie understood me, and what I needed to accomplish. She was sensitive to our personal quirks and needs and had obviously done a lot of homework after our initial meeting. We're not done yet! She's going to help with 3 more rooms!
Maureen M.

Julie Brooks & her company, "A Peaceful Place" were the perfect solution for my decluttering issues! Julie gently & calmly walked me through my "organized chaos" in my basement as well as in other problem areas such as kitchen & bath. She offered so many logical approaches to disentangle my 
"stuff" into manageable smaller projects that put me in a positive frame of mind so that I could actually accomplish my goal--a clutter-free home! I got to work right away with renewed enthusiasm & have committed to keeping my place truly peaceful, simple, & beautiful!
What a gift from a true professional who will walk you through the burden of clutter to the psychic expanse of freedom & simplicity which every home can be! A+ for "A Peaceful Place" & so much gratitude from a happy client! ~  Jan F.