We realize that when faced with an organizational challenge, you have several options:  doing it yourself, having friends or relatives help you, or hiring another professional organizer.    Most people who call for professional organizing help have already exhausted options 1 and 2 and come up short.  Here's why you should hire Peaceful Place:

Our Team. Because we have 10 well-trained organizers at the ready, we can mobilize quickly to get your project started and finished. No month-long waiting times for this high-demand service.

Vanna! The Peaceful Place van (we call her Vanna) allows us to remove large quantities of items from your home so you aren't stuck taking stuff to the dump or donation center on your own. We don't want to leave you with work to do. Plus, the sooner you get your discarded items out of there, the better you'll feel.

Supplies. Vanna holds a lot of organizing supplies - almost anything you could need for organizing clothes, kitchens, paperwork, and garages. No need to interrupt the project for trips to get supplies or wait for delivery. We bring it all to you so we can turn around your project quickly. We offer only the best and most reasonably priced supplies, and if we do need to order something custom, we know the best place to get it quickly.

Results. Our clients are thrilled with the results of our work - they gain clutter-free, organized spaces which work for their family. And, the organization we do is easy for them to maintain. Read kind words from Peaceful Place customers here.

Problem Solving. Need shelves installed? Furniture assembled? An old refrigerator removed? Valuable antiques consigned? A good electrician who will actually show up? A reputable realtor? The owner of Peaceful Place, Julie Brooks, has been a business person in Southeast MA for 25 years and has many professional relationships. Save time and money by using her knowledge base to get your problems solved.

Ongoing Support. Organizing doesn't have to be a one-and-done service. If you feel you are going to need ongoing help to maintain your organization, we can provide consistent team members to help you weekly, monthly, or quarterly. It's called PeaceKeeping, and it's a service Peaceful Place is proud to offer.

Ready to get organized?  Call us at 508-246-7866 for a free 15-minute phone consultation.

“Team Peace” in fron t of Vanna.