Our Approach

An example of a "takeoff /landing strip" - an area to use when entering or exiting your home.

There's nothing like the relaxation which comes from living in a clutter-free home organized to help you and your family live your most meaningful lives.   We believe that a well-ordered home brings more than just efficiency.  It can nurture your mind, body, soul, and relationships.

The Peaceful Place approach prioritizes maintenance of the organization - once we help you to get organized, we make it easy for you to stay organized.Are you stuck in overwhelm?  Don't know where to start?   Our service is compassionate and confidential. We work with all people, from busy working parents to those suffering from chronic disorganization, ADD/ADHD, or physical challenges.  

Peaceful Place will make and execute an organizational plan which is customized to fit you and your family's needs.We base our approach on 4 concepts: 

Absolutely the first step in organizing any space to rid it of excess items.   We understand that this is a difficult and emotional process for many of our clients, and we can help you make decisions about what to keep and what to let go. 

Rather than first buying more "stuff to hold your stuff," we will help you repurpose existing storage containers and furniture to meet your needs.  Buying more containers comes at the end of the process, if at all.   Repurposing also includes changing the use of entire rooms - for example - transforming a little-used formal dining or living room into a fitness room, kids' playroom, home office, or meditative space. 

Home organizing is about so much more than clearing away junk and arranging drawers. Shouldn't your rooms bring you joy and nourish your soul?  By removing the barriers of clutter, you can focus on your long-lost passions and hobbies and see the beauty and blessings in your life every day, in every room. 

Our #1 priority is setting up systems which make it easy for you to maintain the organization.  This means that things need to be easy to put back, "dumping grounds" need to be eliminated, and the places for all things needs to be visually obvious or labeled so that all people it the house can know where things go.  

See How We Work to learn more about getting your room(s) or home professionally organized.