Garage Organization

Did you know that 40% of Americans who have garages can't park their cars in them?  Garages are a convenient dumping ground for many types of clutter.  In addition, garages can morph into storage units for all kinds of stuff in transitional limbo.    Ideally, garages should be used as a place to park our cars out of the weather, as well as store things that are used primarily outside the house- gardening tools and supplies, tools and hardware, and outdoor recreation equipment. 

A Peaceful Place garage organization has 4 steps:  

1.   Sorting:  we remove every item from wherever it is in the garage and sort it onto tarps on the garage floor or yard.  
2.  Editing/purging:  along with the client, we go through each item and donate or dispose of every item that no longer fits into their lifestyle.   
3.  Zoning:  along with the client, we go over a plan for where to place the remaining items.  Typical zones are:  Lawn & Garden, Automotive, Hardware, Beach, Sports, Recycling, Paper Goods.   
4.  Rehoming & Containerization:  We purchase, assemble, and install any shelves, racks, and wall holders.  Also, we provide containers for smaller items on the shelves.  Then, we re-home every item in its proper place so that everything is visible, accessible, and easy to put back.   At the end of the process, not only can the clients park their cars in the garage, but it is easy to find everything needed.    Since most garages are not climate controlled and are more easily accessible by pests than an indoor space, we recommend not storing food items there.