Ongoing Maintenance, or PeaceKeeping

Although our guiding principal in all organizing projects is ease of maintenance, sometimes our clients need ongoing support.  We're happy to provide this service, called PeaceKeeping.   We can customize the service to your needs.  A typical PeaceKeeping client gets 2 to 8 hours per month of organizing services from a dedicated team member.   It's very helpful to have PeaceKeeping done ahead of cleaners.   

Here are some PeaceKeeping services: 

Paperwork PeaceKeeping:- opening and sorting mail- designating action items and reviewing them with you- filing-unsubscribing from lists 

Wardrobe PeaceKeeping:- picking up clothes from dry cleaners- putting away clothes ahead of cleaners- switching out seasonal clothes- ongoing editing/purging of wardrobe 

Kitchen PeaceKeeping:- putting away and reorganizing pantry and refrigerator items- clearing work surfaces and re-homing items ahead of cleaners 

Whole House PeaceKeeping:- a room-by-room sweep of the house, putting things away and finding places for new items.- ongoing purging and editing of items.