Kitchen Organization

4 of our peacefully organized kitchens.


The kitchen is the most-used room of the house, therefore, it is important that it is easy to use, things are easy to find, and that is visually attractive.  Unfortunately, it is often the case that expensive countertops are dumping grounds for clutter, cabinets are overstuffed, the can of olives is always hiding, and lidless storage containers are multiplying and spilling out of drawers.  The Peaceful Place method for organizing kitchens is guaranteed to give you a kitchen that looks great and functions well, tailored for your family's lifestyle. 

Step 1:  Information gathering. 
We will ask you who cooks, what kind of cooking (grilling, baking, etc.), how often you are cooking, and how tall are the people using the kitchen.  Also, if there is an entrance, kitchen mud room, or command center in place or needed. 

Step 2: Sorting
Depending on the size of the staging area, we will take every item out of each area, or go category by category, and sort the items. 

Step 3:  Editing
Along with the client, we will edit, or purge, each category of items down to only the necessary and used things. 

Step 4: Re-Homing
We will re-home the items so that they are close to where they are being used, and clear the counters as much as possible, leaving out only the most-used and necessary items.   This includes the pantry and food items, and also the the refrigerator, if you like. The result is a well-thought-out kitchen in which it is easy to find what you need, easy to clean, and easy to maintain the clear surfaces.  Duplicate buying of food will end because it is easy to take a quick visual inventory of what you have.   It's a great investment the whole family will appreciate.