Paperwork Organization

Are you a piler or a filer?  Chances are, if you're reading this, you're a piler.    Paperwork gets out of control easily unless you have an easy system in place to handle it.    Our paperwork specialists all have business ownership and operations backgrounds, so we know what is essential to keep.  Here's the Peaceful Place way of organizing paperwork. 
Step 1:  Gathering
We assemble all the paperwork from wherever it's hiding in the house into one area with room for staging. 
Step 2:  Sorting
We sort every item into broad categories like junk mail, old bills, recent bills, essential life documents, reference items, archive items, action items. 
Step 3:  Editing
We work with you to determine which items can be discarded, shredded, or digitized.  Note: we lean heavily toward discarding and not toward digitizing. 
Step 4:  Filing
We set up files for items.  This includes making labels and selecting the best file storage options.  
Step 5:  Systematizing
We work with you to set up an easy-peasy way to handle incoming papers and make sure you get done what you need to.  Every paper needs to have a path and destination - toss, action, or file.    We will customize a solution for you. 
Step 6:  Maintaining
If you'd like ongoing support for your paperwork, sign up for our Paperwork PeaceKeeping service to get the help you need. Special options:  If you'd like special binders set up for emergency information, essential life documents, recipes, or memorabilia we're happy do those for you.